SAGA helps to improve “empty Europe”

SAGA aims to contribute to reducing inequalities, ensure economic recovery and inclusive and sustainable long-term growth through a co-creation and collaborative focus, engaging all relevant stakeholders, develop and validate a training programme for populations living in “empty Europe”, but who at the same time have a rich culinary heritage and/or food production. 

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SAGA Training Modules – a useful learning journey for kicking off your business

SAGA’s adult learning programme and online platform is ready to start training in English – and will soon be ready in five other languages (Bulgarian, Dutch, Hungarian, Romanian and Spanish)! The tailor-made learning program is focusing to the needs of adults in rural areas which represents the so-called “Empty Europe”, and provides them with qualityBővebben: “SAGA Training Modules – a useful learning journey for kicking off your business”

The 2nd SAGA newsletter is out – have a look!

The 2nd newsletter is available in 6 languages about the latest news regarding the project. Do not miss to check them out in order to be informed about our fresh new learning platform! You can read it either in English, Bulgarian, Dutch, Hungarian, Romanian or Spanish.

More information about the partnership:

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