South Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency – Hungary

STRIA South-Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency Nonprofit Ltd. is an innovation agency being established in 2008, in its operation covering geographical area of South Transdanubia in Hungary. As a small and medium sized non-profit Ltd. with eight staff members has been actively contributing to development of local economy of rural areas in the region, mainly by its European Territorial Cooperation projects (in all strands). These projects were targeting different aspects of cultural landscape development such as use of
available local energy sources, sustainable agricultural and food processing activities or place-based cultural heritage development projects (local brands, local foods, local tourism development initiatives).

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EOLAS S.L – Spain

EOLAS S.L. is founded by a team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in idea generation, identification of financing schemes, proposal preparation, partner search and management of international, European, national and regional projects. It combines the knowledge and experience of in the field of economics, innovation and enterprise organization with engineering, allowing the company to integrate both the technical coordination as well as the economic aspects of project management. The team members have been involved in different projects during this time, acting as project manager in close to 135 projects from a large variety of different funding programmes. EOLAS is currently partner of numerous projects in the field of education and training with different topics, and in a H2020 innovation action on plastics recycling.

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Business Innovation Center Innobridge – Bulgaria

BIC INNOBRIDGE is a business support organization, which follows the methodology, collective experience and applies the knowhow of the European Business and Innovation Centers Network (EBN). It is the first (and still the only one) accredited BIC by the EBN network in Bulgaria. BIC INNOBRIDGE’s main goal is to support and implement entrepreneurship and innovation initiatives at all stages of development. Thus, the centre performs awareness raising activities on innovative issues and strives to contribute to the development and the competitiveness of the business overall. BIC INNOBRIDGE also strives to contribute not only to the improvement of the business climate, but also to the enhancement of the competitiveness and the economic growth of the region by providing high quality services to its clients in order to help them turn their innovative idea into a market success.

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Inqubator Leeuwarden (Stichting Incubator) has been active in the northern part of the Netherlands since its establishment as a foundation in 2010. The Inqubator is backed by amongst others the Municipality of Leeuwarden, Business Innovation Center BDF, and schools and universities in the region. The focus of Inqubator is on helping starting companies to firmly establish their business and to help them maximise their personal growth. To this end, Inqubator offers a shared room facility in which starting (social) entrepreneurs can work on their business plan, can get advice on how they should proceed in the development of their business and follow different kinds of workshops and masterclasses. Inqubator also offers office space for starting companies that have outgrown the shared office space and need their own office, but also helps a very varied group of
people, like student entrepreneurs, techno start-ups, unemployed persons, etc.

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Fundatia Centrul Educational Spektrum – Romania

The mission of the Spektrum Educational Center Foundation (SEC) is to promote open society and develop the community in our region. SEC aims at providing up-to-date knowledge and long-lasting competences by high-quality, consumer-oriented and varied educational services. We offer non-formal courses and training for various target groups (women, young adults, youth, children, seniors), including SMEs, local NGOs, involving disadvantaged members of the community, too. As our region is an economically less developed area of Europe, development and empowerment of small communities must be facilitated via lifelong learning and transnational exchange of experience. Therefore, for more than 15 years, we have been participating at various Grundtvig, Leonardo and Transversal lifelong learning projects that aimed at key competences development, sustainability, innovation in education. Highly qualified training professionals (full time staff 6, part time staff 22), experienced in European project management and implementation take part usually in our projects’ activities.

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Kontakt Organizational Development & Consulting Ltd. – Hungary

Kontakt Organizational Development & Consulting Ltd. was founded in 2010 by an active team of professionals who have been working in the field of adult education, training and consultation ( for small and medium size enterprises) for more than 10 years. The main focus of the company is SME-s from the field of hospitality, gastronomy and accommodations. Nowadays the company offers services and different activities related to all field of organizational development: provides advice, consulting, training, organizational and individual business coaching and support to optimize all processes connecting with human resources. We believe that the organization’s development is a long-term intervention aimed to improve the organizational culture by shaping the organization’s problem-solving ability, adaptability and capacity for regeneration.

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