3rd TPM in Badajoz, Spain

On 11th of May, the partnership held its 3rd Transnational Project Meeting in Badajoz, Spain. Partners met each other for the first time after the pandemic. They discussed the ongoing tasks and the learning platform was introduced. After the meeting partners had lunch together as closure of the event.

SAGA Training Modules – a useful learning journey for kicking off your business

SAGA’s adult learning programme and online platform is ready to start training in English – and will soon be ready in five other languages (Bulgarian, Dutch, Hungarian, Romanian and Spanish)! The tailor-made learning program is focusing to the needs of adults in rural areas which represents the so-called “Empty Europe”, and provides them with qualityBővebben: “SAGA Training Modules – a useful learning journey for kicking off your business”

The 2nd SAGA newsletter is out – have a look!

The 2nd newsletter is available in 6 languages about the latest news regarding the project. Do not miss to check them out in order to be informed about our fresh new learning platform! You can read it either in English, Bulgarian, Dutch, Hungarian, Romanian or Spanish.

We finished the IO1

Intellectual Output 1 lays the foundations for the rest of the project as it develops the overall learning  approach, learning objectives, competence matrix, curriculum and assessment methods based upon an evidence- and research-based analysis related to the core skills and competences It includes the analysis of the project context and scans the participating countries forBővebben: “We finished the IO1”

We gave an interview about the SAGA project

At the request of NYERŐMAGYAROK.EU, STRIA South Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency Nonprofit Ltd., as coordinator, gave an interview about the SAGA project: What does the term “Empty Europe” mean? The trend of rural depopulation is typical of many European countries and regions. These areas face significant demographic and economic challenges, exacerbated by the low qualityBővebben: “We gave an interview about the SAGA project”


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