We started the first activities of IO1: desk research and interviews

With the cooperation of the responsible project partners a detailed methodology was developed in the last few months, which will help the partners to collect all necessary data for the desk research and to prepare the interviews with social enterprises.

Aims of transnational research

Starting from the preliminary needs analysis conducted at proposal stage as well as research on existing projects and initiatives (EU, national and regional) related to SAGA, the project consortium will carry out a transnational in-depth analysis  in five participating countries (HU, ES, BG, NL and RO) in order to give an overview of the general situation concerning collaborative social entrepreneurship in the food, gastronomic and culinary sector in partner regions in focus for in-depth research, to identify  good initiatives, as well as training offers, and on specific training needs so to boost development of social enterprises in the food, gastronomy and culinary heritage fields by using co-creation and co-sharing techniques.

We will introduce shortly with the results of our research.

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