We finished the IO1

Intellectual Output 1 lays the foundations for the rest of the project as it develops the overall learning  approach, learning objectives, competence matrix, curriculum and assessment methods based upon an evidence- and research-based analysis related to the core skills and competences It includes the analysis of the project context and scans the participating countries forBővebben: “We finished the IO1”

We gave an interview about the SAGA project

At the request of NYERŐMAGYAROK.EU, STRIA South Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency Nonprofit Ltd., as coordinator, gave an interview about the SAGA project: What does the term “Empty Europe” mean? The trend of rural depopulation is typical of many European countries and regions. These areas face significant demographic and economic challenges, exacerbated by the low qualityBővebben: “We gave an interview about the SAGA project”

SAGA Kick-off meeting

On 11th November 2020 the online Kick-off meeting of the SAGA project was organized. The partners introduced their organizations to each other and the planned activities of the next few months were discussed. Due to the virus situation caused by COVID-19, the project partners were unfortunately not able to meet in person during the Kick-offBővebben: “SAGA Kick-off meeting”

We started the first activities of IO1: desk research and interviews

With the cooperation of the responsible project partners a detailed methodology was developed in the last few months, which will help the partners to collect all necessary data for the desk research and to prepare the interviews with social enterprises. Aims of transnational research Starting from the preliminary needs analysis conducted at proposal stage asBővebben: “We started the first activities of IO1: desk research and interviews”